Amazing Floral Thank You Cards!

Stationary and pens and pencils and stickers… These are things I have always loved, even as a little girl. My sister and I would spend the night with my grandma and we just could hardly wait for the next morning. She’d take us to Walgreens and when things got serious, we would request Office Depot, and we would get “office supplies.” We would end up with pens and pencils, post-it notes and erasers, stickers and for me in particular – I always loved getting stationary and cards. Thank you cards, blank cards, Christmas cards, happy birthday cards, you name it! You never knew when the occasion would arise that such a card was needed. I also loved to look through my stack and was prideful when my mom or sisters needed a card and I was there at their rescue with the perfect card they needed!

Well, I found some amazing floral thank you cards on that are perfect to add to my collection! Not only will they work great for an informal occasion, but they will also add the perfect touch for formal events that need thank you notes. Because of their style, you are able to use them all year round for weddings, bridal showers or baby showers, Christmas time, for your birthday or for that one note you need to write on super short notice. It always leads to less stress with having some thank you cards already on hand.

Perfect for Informal and Formal Occasions

These floral thank you cards come in a package of 25. They come flat and are easily folded when needed with a guide for a perfect fold every time. The cards are blank inside and are ready to be written in with your special message. They can be placed in the brown kraft envelopes that come with them. I absolutely love the color, they are great quality – nice and thick – with floral matching stickers included that I like to place on the back of the envelope on the seal.

Floral Thank You CardsFloral Thank You Cards with EnvelopeFloral Thank You Cards with Envelope and StickersFloral Thank You Card with Sealed Envelope

I love sending cards in the mail. It is a personal touch that an email just can’t compete with, ever. It shows a person that they are worth your time and effort into creating a hand written card – in the very least, that you are thinking of them. Also, who doesn’t like getting sweet pieces of mail delivered the old fashioned way? I love getting something personal sent with love!

This is a fun and classy thank you note set that would compliment anyone’s need for them. With this set you will always be ready for when the moment arises when a special card is in need.

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You can never go wrong with a heartfelt thank you! 


Floral Thank You Cards

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