Smoothie Goodness Kids Will Love!

My girls love smoothies! They ask to make a smoothie at least three times a week, if not more – year round! I did try making a lot at one time and freezing the rest, but it is not the same. They won’t really eat it from the freezer even through it tastes exactly the same. All the fun is in making the smoothie. There is no fun in taking it out of the freezer and thawing it out. They like the whole process of making the smoothie and the creativity they can use when I have some different fruits to add in. I know it’s a smoothie day when one of them pulls out the blender. They’ll look at me like they are asking if it’s okay and when I say yes, they both just cheer – “yay!” It makes me so happy they are so happy!

Typically, I start with frozen berries – strawberries, blueberries and blackberries – a mixture I buy from Costco. It’s a really good base. We then add a banana (sometimes), some vanilla yogurt (a must) and either some milk or water to smooth it out. That’s it! Super easy!

However, since they love smoothies so much, a lot of times I like to sneak in some vegetables! I feel like a smoothie is a great start to the day, but if I can add vegetables, it’s even better! I know I feel good and I know they will too.

I like to add either some kale or spinach, but not a lot, I don’t like to create too much variation in the color of the smoothie or they get on to me! So, I add a bit of spinach or kale and then I like to add carrots. I can add a lot more carrots since they don’t add much taste or color to the smoothie.

It makes me feel good as a mom to feed a smoothie like this to my girls and it makes me personally feel good too. When they eat them I eat them too! Like I already said, it’s a great start to the day!

How to Make the Best Smoothie

There is no wrong way to make a smoothie – the variations are endless, but I like to start with two cups of frozen berries and a half cup of vanilla yogurt and typically a banana. I then add milk or water until I reach the consistency I am looking for. This is when I add my spinach and/or kale and carrots. I add roughly a quarter cup of each. Then it’s perfect! It’s the rose pink color the girls expect and tastes amazing!

Try it for your kids and for yourself!


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